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Spotlight on Broadway
I Love Lucy
I Love Lucy
It’s 1952 and you are a member of the studio audience awaiting the filming of two hilarious and oh-so-familiar I LOVE LUCY® episodes. Imagine stepping back in time onto the Desilu Playhouse soundstage where a charming host entertains and enlightens you to the behind-the-scenes filming process, the 1950s hi-fidelity technology and this brand-new thing called “television.” The episodes begin and you witness, firsthand, the side-splitting antics of that crazy redhead in the Ricardo’s New York apartment and thrill to the Cuban sounds of “The Ricky Ricardo Orchestra” at the famed Tropicana Nightclub. In-between scenes? The Crystaltone Singers perform live advertising jingles of the show’s newest sponsors in perfect 50s style harmony. Can you say “Brylcreem?!”

Upcoming Cities

Orange, TX USA
Apr 28 - Apr 29
Lutcher Theater

Morgantown, WV USA
May 5
Creative Arts Center

Wabash, IN USA
May 6
Honeywell Center

Schenectady, NY USA
May 9 - May 10
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Cleveland, OH USA
May 15 - May 17
Connor Palace
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Lowell, MA USA
May 27
Lowell Memorial Auditorium

Waterbury, CT USA
May 30 - May 31
Palace Theater - Waterbury
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Please check back soon for more dates.
All performance dates and information subject to change.
All performance dates and information subject to change.

Please check back soon for more dates.

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