Morrison Center for the Perf. Arts

The Morrison Center is Idaho's most prestigious performance complex, nestled on the bank of the Boise River and a part of Boise State University. With a panoramic view of the city, parks and mountains, it enriches the lives of all its patrons. The product of a life-long dream of Harry W. Morrison, and championed by his widow, Velma, the Center opened its doors on April 7, 1984. The Center features a 10-story stagehouse which drops to six stories for the performing hall and three stories for the academic portion. It is 455 feet in length and 183,885 square feet in area. The lobby, with its rich burgundy carpet and cedar ceiling, leads to the Main Hall, where patrons can be seated on either the mezzanine level (732 seats) or the orchestra level (1268 seats). The proscenium arch is 60 feet wide and 30 feet high. The stage, 68 feet deep, features an orchestra pit large enough to accommodate 75 musicians. The Main Hall combines tan brick walls, wooden diffusion panels, and burgundy carpet and seats to create a warm ambiance. Acoustically, the room is like a large musical instrument that can be tuned by adjusting ceiling and wall acoustical drapery. Whether the performance is a solo or a full musical production the Center will have excellent acoustics. Because no seat is further than 131 feet from stage, audiences will have an unusual intimacy with the performers.

Broadway Series Presented by MagicSpace Entertainment.

Upcoming Shows

Aug. 7 - Aug. 18
Nov. 19 - Nov. 24
Jan. 21, 2025 - Feb. 2, 2025
Apr. 2, 2025 - Apr. 13, 2025