Broadway Shows in Times Square NY

When theatregoers around the world discuss the best performances and the brightest stars on the world’s stages, there is one word at the top of their list: Broadway. For more than a century, Broadway shows in Times Square NY and Broadway shows on U.S. National Tour have been considered the pinnacle of live theatrical entertainment around the world. A Broadway show represents the biggest, the brightest and the best of its kind, and brings an unmatched level of excitement, glitz and glamour along with a rich and varied history. The Broadway League, which is the national trade association for the Broadway industry, was formed in 1930, and its members have produced quality Broadway entertainment ever since.

Attending a Broadway show in Times Square is to be part of an event that millions of people travel from around the globe to enjoy. In addition, through the dedication of The Broadway League and its members throughout North America, audiences are able to enjoy Touring Broadway shows in more than 200 cities across the U.S. and Canada each year.

For those that love the theater, Broadway truly is the top of the list. While Hollywood is the domain of television and screen stars, it is to New York that legions of dancers, actors, singers, directors, designers, technicians, stage managers, producers and writers flock for a chance to make it on “The Great White Way.” With such a large and varied talent pool in New York City, it is no surprise that Broadway has become the “cream of the crop” in live theatrical entertainment. While you can have an enjoyable theatre experience in many places around the world, there is nothing that compares to the Broadway shows in Times Square NY, or the Broadway shows on National Tour. When planning your next trip or your next night out, remember the one-of-a-kind experience that only a Broadway show can provide. There is simply nothing else like it.