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Most popular Broadway shows on tour

Broadway touring shows are an important part of the Broadway theatre industry, bringing the best and brightest Broadway shows to audiences all over North America. Touring companies travel the country, performing for days or weeks at a time in a particular city before moving on to the next. Some cities even have “sit-down” productions of Broadway shows that stay for several months or more. Some shows tour on their way to New York; others play the Big Apple and then hit the road. So where can you find information about the most popular Broadway shows on tour?

Touring shows are popular for many different reasons. With musicals, dramas, comedies, special events, family-friendly shows and so much more, Touring Broadway truly has something for everyone. By visiting www.Broadway.org, The Broadway League’s official online headquarters for Broadway information, you can select the "Broadway on Tour" link to see a list of all the shows currently on tour. Review the descriptions of the shows and find a venue near you, and you’ll be sure to find a Touring Broadway show perfect for your tastes and convenient to get to.

It has been said that Broadway is New York City’s greatest export. Thanks to touring Broadway, you can see the same shows New York audiences see—in your home town. Or, if you’re traveling, check out Broadway.org to see if a touring Broadway show is in the city you’re visiting.

The most popular Broadway shows on tour is an ever-changing list that includes the best and brightest musicals and plays currently touring North America. On your next night out, consider taking in a Broadway show in your city.