Overture Center

The 2,251-seat performance hall is designed and constructed for exceptional acoustics and an intimate theater experience. Materials and shapes in Overture Hall were purposely manipulated to influence how sound reverberates and reflects inside the space, and control and isolate noise. As a result, the hall delivers rich, true sound throughout, reaching even to the back balcony. The design produces exemplary sound for unamplified orchestral and opera performances. Adjustable acoustical components are used to accommodate amplified shows. Scaled to be a comfortably intimate hall, Overture is designed for people to see and be seen. Even from the balconies, stage and performers seem close. Before the lights go down, audience members can enjoy unobstructed views of each other, from the main level to balcony and boxes. Side circulation areas serve as minilobbies, informal gathering spots that provide a fluid, lively transition between spaces.

Broadway Series Presented by Broadway Across America - Madison.


Upcoming Shows

10月 11 - 10月 12
12月 31, 2024 - 1月 5, 2025
2月 4, 2025 - 2月 9, 2025
5月 13, 2025 - 5月 18, 2025
6月 17, 2025 - 6月 22, 2025
7月 9, 2025 - 7月 27, 2025