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How to Get Broadway Group Tickets

Planning a group excursion to a Broadway show might seem like a complex endeavor, but in actuality it can be fairly tro uble-free to arrange when you have access to the proper tools. There are a few important things to learn and remember, including how to get Broadway group tickets and the best way to get to and from a particular theatre. Otherwise, taking a group to Broadway is much like planning any other group event.

Broadway Basics

While there are many types of shows available to the consumer in New York City, Broadway shows belong to a very specific group. A show is considered a Broadway production when it is performed in one of the 40 Broadway theatres currently in use within New York City. All but one of these theatres is located within the midtown Manhattan Theatre District that is in and around Broadway, the famous thoroughfare that slashes its way across the regular grid of Manhattan streets.

When attending a Broadway musical or play with a group, Broadway group tickets can be an excellent option to help ensure your party will be seated together, and provide special discounted ticket prices depending on the size of your group. For most Broadway shows, "Group Sales" tickets refer to blocks of tickets for 15 to 20 patrons or more, although each show and corresponding theatre has different policies governing group sales. The best way to learn about these policies is by visiting the List of Shows section on, which is an official website of The Broadway league, the national trade organization for the Broadway industry. On the individual show pages you will find information about the sizes of groups necessary for a purchase to be considered a “Group Sale” as well as relevant phone numbers or web links to purchase group tickets.

Group excursion tips