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List of Broadway shows in New York

List of Broadway shows in New York

Where can you find the most comprehensive list of Broadway shows in New York and on National Tour? Everything you need to know is available in the inclusive lists on Broadway.org, The Broadway League's official online headquarters for Broadway information.

A "Broadway show" refers to one of the many plays, musicals and special events presented in any of the 40 specially-designated Broadway playhouses in Manhattan's Theatre District, located between 41st and 54th Streets and between 6th and 8th Avenues in midtown Manhattan. The Vivian Beaumont Theatre, the only Broadway house located outside of the district, is a few blocks further north. In addition to playing in New York, Broadway shows visit as many as 240 cities each year all across North America on National Tour. With so many options to choose from, The Broadway League has created detailed, easy-to-use show listings on Broadway.org to ensure that theatregoers are quickly able to find what they are looking for.

The best way to plan your Broadway outing is by using Broadway.org's all-in-one lists to get information on current and upcoming Broadway shows in New York, including descriptions, ticket prices, current week's performances, photos, video, links to iTunes for the soundtrack, a link to buy tickets from the official ticketing source, and more.  For Broadway shows on National Tour, at Broadway.org you can view a list of the currently touring shows as well as check out theatres located near you and their upcoming schedules.  With one click you can visit the websites of these theatres and book your tickets for a one-of-a-kind Broadway evening. At Broadway.org you have everything you need to make your Broadway experience the most exciting possible.

The next time your friends want the most comprehensive and current list of Broadway shows in New York, just tell them to check out Broadway.org.